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Cheese dairy Derosa Brothers. From 1960 to the genuineness service



The company was founded in the fifties at the initiative of Louis Derosa  who, in the center of the city of Gravina in Puglia, in the territory of the Alta Murgia Barese, gives rise to the first dairy for processing of products derived from sheep's milk.


In the following yearsL the “INDUSTRY CHEESE DEROSA LUIGI" (the first name of the activity) becomes more and more a reference point for the typical productions of "Murgiano Park", basing his products on the collection of milk from local farms; The raw material was acquired directly from farmers in the area, to ensure the authenticity and freshness in the realization of his typical products: cheeses, ricotta, scamorza caciotta cheeses and cacioricotta cheese. With the growing demand from the local market (and not only), Mr. Luigi had to adopt increasingly large laboratories, as well as acquiring all the necessary equipment for the processing and storage of manufactured products, involving in the activity other workers serving an increasing and  larger market.

Over time the sheep's milk processing is also accompanied by that of c.d. cow's milk, obtaining typical products of Puglia, such as mozzarella and burrata. Meanwhile recognitions multiply over the years, both on a local and national level, both as regards the type of production, the quality and courtesy of service. Today the company has become a landmark in the area, for the type of product supplied and involves in its activities around a dozen employees.


The increase in the work and the necessity to organize every aspect of the business reality, brought " INDUSTRY CHEESE DEROSA LUIGI " to become " Cheese Dairy Derosa Brothers", with the involvement of the second generation of the family and  the entry into company of his sons Nicola, Teresa and Rosamaria.

In particular, everyone is responsible for a corporate function: Mr. Nicholas is responsible for production and procurement, with checks on compliance with the rules on hygiene and safety; Mrs. Teresa is responsible for retail and relations with the public; Dr. Rosamaria is responsible for administrative and commercial, she follows in particular the relationship with large customers. In the last few years, the company has hired more and more the physiognomy of a structured company, while ensuring the authenticity of its products.


The company, therefore, has become a well-organized enterprise, within which there is an organizational chart and job description with the definition of roles, tasks and duties of each of the figures . All this has been developed thanks to the will of Derosa heirs, who have understood the need to present a company organized and had as its primary objective the fulfillment of the needs / expectations of the customer. Our specialties mainly concern cacioricotta, cheeses, cheese table, pecorino cheese, sweet cheese, burrata, stracciatelle, Pallone of Gravina  with sweet and spicy and always classic mozzarella. The company is one of the two producers of the famous "Pallone of Gravina", Slow Food Presidium.


Where are we


Cheese factory and shop



Our unique selling point is located in the tranquil town of Gravina in Puglia in the Murgia. The company covers an area of 300 square meters and is divided into: the region of production, storage, ripening and offices.


Then we have our point of sale, of about 30 square meters, accommodates our loyal customers who enjoy our products for over half a century now.



Caseificio Artigianale dei Fratelli Derosa

Cheese Factory

Via Milano, 30 - Gravina in Puglia- Italy


Store: Via Milano, 30 - Gravina in Puglia

Telephone/Fax + 39 080 3252014



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Who We Are


Cheese Dairy Derosa Brothers is now in its second generation. After dad Luigi opened the first dairy in Gravina, was the late '50s, the company has grown to become a reference point on the territory. In the early 2000 the management has passed to the second generation: the three sons.



Nicola Derosa: Responsible Production and Casaro.

Nicholas graduated in Accounting,  is in charge of production and "Mastro Casaro" and for over thirty-five, work in Dairy family. He manages a team of four working people who are involved in the production phases. Great and an expert connoisseur, he is also a skilled communicator in the field. It is often called, as a speaker, in conferences and schools to discuss various aspects of production and regulations in force. .


Teresa Derosa: Point of Sale Manager.

Teresa, also graduated in Accounting, is involved not only in charge of the store. She too, like her older brother, works in the family dairy for nearly thirty-five years. Her gentle manner, her affability, her professionalism are always and constantly emphasized by customers who find her every day in the store.


Rosamaria Derosa: Head of Customer Management and Marketing.

Rosamaria, graduated in Economics, is the youngest of Derosa brothers. She works in the family cheese dairy for a little over fifteen years. Her job is to manage the business relationships with various customers.Rosamaria is also the National President of the Dairy Industry sector regionally and nationally of "CNA" (National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises), as well as being President of Provincial "CNA Bari." Rosamaria is also the president of the "Association for the Protection and Enhancement of Gravina  Pallone" which, through a series of events, advertises the product.




Caseificio Artigianale dei F.lli Derosa Srl

Via Milano, 30 - 70024 Gravina in Puglia (Ba)

Telefono/Fax: 080 3252014 - Email:

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