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Our Products


The Cheese Dairy Derosa Brothers for over fifty years produces, thanks to an excellent raw material that comes from our loved Murgia, a series of products ranging from fresh to the table cheese and cooking. Our farmers are in, no later than thirty kilometers from our dairy.



Every day, thanks to the milk of Alta Murgia, the dairy produces a wide range of products that end up on the tables of Puglia and, more generally, of many Italians; people who buy our products from the various sales points of Eataly, scattered all over the peninsula, in supermarkets, delicatessens or excellent shops that we provide directly through a line of timely shipments that take place two / three times a week. In addition to various stores and shops, the dairy also provides a series of "Buying groups". Following there is a list of our products. 


- Bocconcini, Fior di Latte, Nodini in Trap, Browse Mozzarella

- Stracciatella, burrata, Burratine, morsels with cream

- Straciatelle, burrata, Burratine Truffle, Pesto, the Olive

- Scamorza Cow, Braid, Silane

- Scamorza Sheep

- Scamorza of Hot Pepper Sheep

- Smoked scamorza (smoked with straw) 1

- Smoked Silano (smoked with straw) 1

- Mixed Fresh Ricotta

- Smoked Ricotta Dura (smoked with straw) 1

- Silane Smoked (smoked with straw) 1

- Mixed Fresh Ricotta cheese

- Smoked Ricotta cheese Dura (smoked with straw) 1

- Scamorza Sheep Seasoned

- Scamorza Cow Seasoned

- Dura Ricotta cheese for grating

- Cacioricotta cheese Mixed (cow and sheep)

- Pecorino Seasoned

- Seasoned Caciocavallo cheese 50 days

- Caciocavallo cheese mid-spicy

- Pallone of Gravina "Slow Food" ("Guardian of Taste 2015" prize) 2

- Ricotta cheese Strong

- Mixed Caciotta

- Caciotta Mixed Hot Pepper and Ricotta cheese Mixed Pepper

- Caciotta Mixed Pistachio and Truffle Ricotta cheese Mixed

- First mixed salt (cow and sheep)

- Table Pecorino

- Burrini or manteche

- Tribbles or SEOUL (cow, goat, etc ...)



1 - Smoking with Straw

To smoke our line of products (smoked cheese and hard cheese) we use a "natural ingredient": the straw. It is therefore an absolutely natural smoking that is performed in a certificate formed for this purpose.

2 - Pallone of Gravina

Pallone  of Gravina is a semi-hard cheese made of spun raw dough, made from raw cow's milk (milk from farms of the Murgia). coming from the area of Gravina is produced primarily in the area of Gravina in Puglia, Matera and the Murgia. In August 2010 it became Product Traditional Regional, and in October 2012 a Slow Food Presidium. In 2015 it was awarded the important national award "Guardian of Taste 2015".




The Material


Information material about our products.


From here you can download the Brochure and price list of material about our production.


Photo Gallery


Short photo gallery of some of our products that are daily produced by our cheesemakers.


Some photos of the line of our products. Our products are made from top quality milk and processed by experienced cheesemakers. Click on the images to see the bigger version.



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